Builder, programmer, designer(ish)

Pay With Privacy

May 2016 - current

Mobile Engineering Intern

Worked on small features and bug fixes on the Privacy app (written in React Native). I fell in love with the idea behind privacy.com and wanted to contribute something before my summer at Google. I’m now currently working remotely during my last year of college.


Jun 2016 - Sept 2016
(4 months)

Software Engineering Intern

Built data analysis and visualization tools at Google Fiber to identify important user patterns such as which pages are successful or problematic in user’s flow.


Mar 2015 - Nov 2015
(9 months)

Software Engineering Intern

Built core components of the Annotate iOS and OSX apps (#2 productivity iOS app) that focused on performantly applying and editing graphical elements on to images. Also built resources to increase 7-day retention by %200 and added Zendesk API integration to upload annotated screenshots to Zendesk tickets.

Evoqe LLC.

Nov 2013 - Feb 2015
(16 months)

Co-Founder, Lead Developer, UI/UX Designer

Co-founded the “college social life on an app” with 3 friends. Within 6 months we grew to 75% of all iPhone users at Tufts University. I spent over 4,000 hours writing around 40,000 lines of code that span over 2 iOS apps, a JavaScript backend, and a website. I also designed the UI / UX of all versions of the app (V1.0 - V3.2) and designed the strategic growth of the product using analytics and periodic feature assessments.

Tufts University

Jan 2014 - June 2014
(6 months)

Teaching Assistant for Introduction to CS

As a TA I had weekly responsibilities such as lab assistance, grading homework, office hours, etc. In addition, I spent time responding to emergency situations such as holding an impromptu lab in my dorm during a snowstorm.


Open Source Projects


Since Freshman year of College, I've open sourced a number of iOS projects. 5 of these projects have hit the #1 spot on all of Github's global trending pages. For a while, the popularity of these projects placed me as the #7 trending developer (above even Twitter!).

More Information
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Twindr iOS app


Swipe left to unfollow! The Twitter / Tinder mashup for cleaning your Twitter feed. With 1 million cards swiped in the first month, the app was featured on ProductHunt, Gizmodo, LifeHacker, and more.

The Details

Evoqe LLC (platform)

iTunes Store

Debuting as 'WeParty', Evoqe put college life on an app. Half of the product is a college event platform, the other half advertises local late-night dining options.

The Story
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Tufts PolyHack 2015, 2016


The largest and most successful Tufts Hackathon to date. The projects were incredible, the sponsors were engaging, the first-timer attendance was mind-boggling, the swag was dope, and the designer-specific events couldn't have gone better.

Behind the Scenes
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Can't say no to a cup of ☕️